January 19, 2011

I like to be in IT

I used to like getting into IT and even until now. I might not have the endurance to go to school again to pursue it. But once I did take classes about basic computer fundamentals. It was such a good experience to be able to know a little stuff about it. I wish I had taken more classes that time and since tuition fees in the Philippines were cheaper compared to other countries. There are still the options to take some short courses through adult community school here in my area that is cheaper. Maybe I will get to take some more with it.

In a business handling IT department is a need. They hire PHP programmers to do the core of it. They set up the program and basically help run the company it’s either online or just the system itself at where the premises is. It’s good when you have those PHP developers that works for you. These people are top earners and they have better salary rate. You might have the option to hire them part time over the internet and you can get at a great value for their services. I appreciate these people because they are smart and very analytical. I like working with them. I just have a fond to be around with them because I learn. I don’t know if that’s my line but I like working with computers and do troubleshooting.

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