January 18, 2011

Friend In Chicago

I have a very good friend in the area and the younger sister lives in Chicago. I have met and know her personally too. She’s a very cool lady. I liked her a lot. What you see is what you get. I get so much fun with her. I didn’t spend so much time with her the last time she visited and I wish I could know her more. But with just a matter of small time we had talked and chat it was a cool experience. I liked her.

I often see her from one of our social networking site. She always posted her whereabouts and it’s nice to know about it. Right now she’s practicing to drive. I wonder if she already done with her schooling and able to pass the test. I would recommend to her a site that sale used cars in Chicago. I will tell her about the site. She might be interested with the Honda Accord. It’s a pretty nice looking car. For a first time driver, used car is a go. Her big sister did buy a used car and still driving it and she might be doing the same thing. So she can see and read about the site, I will also tell her about the blog http://www.usedcarschicago101.com/blog/ so she can feel what the site is for.

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