January 18, 2011

Make UP

I don’t normally wear make up. When I work I just use moisturizer for my face and it will stay on for the rest of the day. I would want to be bare and just stay that way. I want my face not to be excessive with lots of make up. Since I have very sensitive skin I am more careful of the products I use. I already have products that my skin didn’t get me any harsh trouble. I am sticking to the brand and also for make up I will only use that’s high quality ones. Nars is one of the brands that I am eyeing for. I don’t have one yet but I am going to buy one. I love their collections of colors.

For my choice of their collection would be lipstick. I am pretty sure it’s very good and I could not get those crack lip look. It’s the quality of ingredients they use that can guarantee satisfaction. I also would like to try their lipgloss and lip lacquer. I will check and see what among the products that suit me well. And last but not the least, what’s proven and tested is that their blush is so wonderful. One day if I could have the chance to go to the mall, I will purchase it.

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