January 25, 2011

Dressing Up

I love fashion and I tend to follow the trends at times. The clothes I mostly wear are very simple, not too much drama just enough to look elegant or just being neat. I don’t like to be flashy or over the top. At work, I have clothes that only for work stuff and I separate clothes for weekends and parties. It’s a perfect set up to organize stuff but it’s just sad to say now that my closet is not the most organized at all. One day for sure it will come that everything I had picture in mind will be at hand. One common set up of clothes I love to wear is jeans and t-shirts. Easy to prepare for work and use other overlaying clothes for comfort like woolrich jackets. The brand I love for jeans is Levis. It’s been like forever when I started wearing it.

The first levis 501 I had purchased was when I was in high school. I felt like I am already on the top that I wore a brand that’s quality and would last for awhile. The only time I would stop wearing them is when it’s already worn out and my body had grown with it. I just love that brand and the fitting really match my body structure. I couldn’t compare this with other brand since I am very loyal to this.

Spring is coming up and the vibrant colors of the season will soon to rise. I am looking forward to wear something new and I am hoping with my plan to loose some weights I could wear more fitting clothes and get confident again.

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