January 25, 2011

Things to ponder

In some occasion when I have the time to read and review products I always go for photography website since that's where my passion really is. I don't get bored reading some stuff from all over the place and I got to learn some.

So now I am thinking if we are lucky to find a place soon and I could get a small portion of the place to make myself a studio, the items that I would want to get are the following:

1. EX 150 MK2 Two Monolight Umbrella - Softbox Kit (120 VAc) - bought
2. Savage 107" x 12yds Seamless Background Paper (#20 Super Black) - bought
3. Background Port-A-Stand System - Consists of: 2 Support Stands, Telescopic crossbar, travel case, free roll white seamless paper - bought
4. Sekonic light meter - bought
5. Lightroom 3 - bought
6. Photomatix
7. Sb 700 with diffuser

Such a price to pay for all the things that I want but I am saving to get this all. I am just crossing my fingers that I could achieve my goal to purchase these items. I love photography so much that I want to learn more and hopefully I can get a better end photos. And if someday I could do photography part time, that will be nice too.

I am just writing this all through this so by the time I have the money I would buy this one by one. Goodluck to me!

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