January 21, 2011

Using A new Product

Well, I am not born with good clear flawless skin. In occasion bumps would just appear all over my face and some in the back of my body. I hate having a very sensitive skin. I already give up going to the dermatologist since the medicine they prescribed is always the same and I haven't seen so much progress. Somehow there's some fault in my part of not eating really good nutritious food especially food that is beneficial for the skin. The medicine help only to relieve the existing bumps but other than control it would appear just any time it would want to.

It's been a frustrations but what can I do there's nothing much I can do with a very overly sensitive skin. The best alternative for me to use is through oral which is very effective for me but since I don't like taking so much medicine and afraid of infertility I stopped. I just wish someday that it will just disappear.

My problem right now is not too dramatic like few years ago. Maybe because of age but the scars remain and my skin got some blemishes too. I hated it. So just to try out again for another product, I started 2 weeks ago from Clinique their redness regimen and acne solution. I think I have no skin reaction nor got any problems after using it but if you ask if it works I can't really tell. One thing I noticed though, the new blotches are getting slowly clearing up but not much that you could tell the result and the redness is still very evident.

I don't really use the product as what the instruction is because sometimes I feel that my skin becomes more oily. So for 2 weeks, its not everyday that I used the regimen. I let my skin to breath too. I am wishing that this could be the product for me.

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