January 29, 2011

Experience in Las Vegas

I remember the time when I went to Las Vegas for the very first time in the year 2005. My eyes pop up big for the structure buildings of the hotels and the casinos were so amazing to see. I haven’t seen like that before and being the first timer tourist was great. I recall the first casino winnings I had. It was the time after midnight and I told my husband how great it was to hold such winnings. I had withdrawn the money right away because I don’t want to be greedy and indeed it was a good move because the money I initially put down was recovered and I gained more. Thanks for not getting any casino winning taxes because every penny I won was all mine. It was a great feeling.

I went the 2nd time in Vegas but it wasn’t as successful as to compare to my very first. I guess the casino’s just given me a dose for what it feels like when you gamble. I would still want to try to visit Las Vegas regardless if I won or not because it is such a nice place to visit there.

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