January 29, 2011

Sudden Bad News

It is such a bad news that my big brother Jerry is in the hospital. I don't know this is going to happen but life just full of surprises. This is just a very bad surprise because it concern the life of my brother. I was crying so many times yesterday thinking and imagining how my brother is going through and fighting for his life to survive.

I got the news from my Brother Lawrence when he tried to call me on my cell phone. I had the instinct somethings going on and I checked my emails and there I saw the message. I was happy to get something from him but when I read the message it was like my heart suddenly stopped. I was so sadden how the tragedy went with my brother Jerry.

This was taken the 24th of December when he received my christmas gift. A very jolly likable person. A teacher, a dedicated father, a loving husband, a supportive brother, a respectful son to his parents and warm accommodating friend.

My brother got a stroke all alone by himself in his house. The story was he was about to prepare for work early in the morning. His wife already went to school and his son is already at my moms. So alone doing his usual thing in the morning. He was still chatting with my other sis in law Iris until she didnt hear from him for hours. My sis in law thought that maybe he already went to school to work.

Not knowing how that hours went where he struggled to survive. He was about to take a shower when it strike. He was aggressively crawling every last step he could do to get to his medicine in the living room. He grabbed everything he can with his full strength to take the small steps to reach the medicine. From then on he was waiting until someone could come home and help him. Until 16hrs from that, my brother Aldin came to his house to look for him while his family was at my moms. The family was worried he didn't show up.

Aldin noticed when he arrived at his house that his motorcycle is there. The door was not locked. He saw Jerry lying on his side on the floor barely naked while he was bathed with his own vomit. Immovable and distress but my brother said he is still responsive when he was asked if it's his high blood. He nod his head. He rushed to ask help from the neighbor and took him to the hospital.

The damage of the stroke on the right side of his brain had caused him paralysis to the left side of his body. In the OR when he arrived they found the blood clot and gave the medicine for the clot but it didn't work so he was advice for surgery. He was struggling in the OR because he didn't want to put financial burden with the family. He is in his conscious mind. He tried to take away the oxygen and dextrose because he was stressed with finances. Until the anesthesia hit him and put him to sleep.

For 3 hours in the OR it went well but now the doctor is still waiting until he can open his eyes and that could prove to us that it's a successful operation. We are anxious to have him back though it no longer one hundred percent the Jerry that we used to know. We no longer think about it but for us we would want him to be alive and that we could spend time with him. He is fighting for his survival because he thinks of us too.

I saw my brothers just few hours ago through web cam. It's painful to look at him. Me and my husband did say our message for him. He has some air supply for his breathing and air oxygen for the brain so he could get the rest that he needs.

I am so sad with this problem and also I am so worried. I hope that my brother will still keep on fighting and we will be there to support him all the way. I am asking for prayers for everyone because I know miracle could happen in prayers.


Joy said...

hope ur brother ok ya-i remember my grand ma highblood pud to and she colapse and it end up na paralize iyang half of her body..lisod jud kau ang highblood oi kalit ra jud mo ataki..prayer to ur brother ya and to ur family


mao lagi ya sa nahitabo sa ako brother paralysis lagi sa left side of the body. pero ok ra we are happy that he is alive. his fighting right now for some other complications and I am hoping that he can fully recover soon... thanks sa support ya.