February 1, 2011

His Condition

I can’t help to wonder why all of these things could happen to good people. My brother for example is a good person. Though health wise he may not be too upkeep with staying fit but his weight has never been a problem. It worries us at times why he gained weight. Yet, he didn’t tell anything bad about it. Nor, we haven’t heard of him complaining.

I only just knew these few days that his already taking pills for high blood pressure. It might have been the indication that he needs to be aware of and that the family must need to check on him too. It’s quite late for us to know how bad it was and we are hoping that his determination to live will continue and we are always be praying for his strength and his will to surpass all these ordeals.

I can’t believe how anyone could get sick in just a matter of days. The tragic part for this kind of situation, he almost didn’t make it. Without his medical background, he might have lost it but with some knowledge it helped him to stay alive. He is still keep on fighting though there are other complications which surfaced. The good thing is that we are able to know his prognosis. This is a tough challenge but we know and we have seen he has the determination that his going to continue to not loose the battle.

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