February 4, 2011

Stopped In Utah

I remember one incident on one of our trips from the east coast towards the west. We were on a connecting flight and we stopped to Utah before going to San Jose. It was the last flight of the night when suddenly the airlines broadcast that the plane won’t take off due to technical problems. It’s not safe to use the plane. We were stocked for the night. I was thinking now we could spend more for the rental car and we have to look for Utah used car dealers to check on what’s available for the night. We got the relief when the airline shouldered all the expenses. We were glad they did it.
In the morning we were up early and we saw how Utah is. Such a cool state, it has a different feeling. Though I know it might have been I was exhausted for the night but the warmth of the place was cool. I saw some used cards in Utah on one of the rental companies that we passed. We were lucky enough we don’t have to struggle about getting one and it could have added another burden.
Now looking at deals for used cars I saw this maker and model 2010 Nissan Sentra. I like the white aspen color and the super black with a very low mileage. I like to be driving either color someday and just a medium sedan car that’s very reliable to use.

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