February 4, 2011

Little Progress

I got a message from my sister in law yesterday about my brothers latest condition. She said that the doctor already pull out the device to monitor his sugar level and the tube to supply to the brain. I was so relief to read the message. You don't know how important it is for me to be able to know how his condition is.

Due to the stroke and him lying on the bed with very little movement, he got mild pneumonia and they draw a whole on the neck to secret the liquid. The procedure helped him and put him a in a good state. I am very happy that he was able to sustain and got the strength to faced all of that. His fever due to pneumonia is already gone and his vital signs are stable. He was able to wake up for a second and that alone was a relief to all of us because that's what we are waiting for. Our prayers are answered and we still keep on praying until he is far from danger and we could take him home for his therapy and full recovery.

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