January 27, 2011

Make a video

I have been creating videos as a hobby. It’s been awhile that I have not been doing that. There are some thoughts in mind that I need to make one for the year 2009 which for some reason I haven’t done yet. It’s one of my goals these days that I could create one for the year and eventually I could also make one for the year 2010. I have been doing this collection all by myself and I feel good when I see the finish output. I miss doing it. When I can finally get the chance I will make one.

A few days ago I was looking for photos from my first wedding and I come across my video. I played it with my dvd player and I was thinking if I have the dvd ripper I could get some clips from the video and make my own wedding movie the way I want it. I tried it before just using my camera and the quality was terrible and I only made a small scene from the video. It will be nice to rip dvd and make my own. I am not using Mac computer but if I have a mac someday one of the things that I would like to get is the video converter mac and dvd ripper mac. These things are helpful in making one good project better and efficient.

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