January 10, 2011

My New Gear

It was the day of my birthday that hubby gave me my new gear for my camera. He gave me a Nikkor 35mm which was part of my gift lists. I was so happy to get it because I am collecting prime lenses and I am almost complete. I already have 3 and for that I am satisfied with what I have. If I am going to get a new one, my next target will be the pro lens. It's very expensive and the cost of the lens is more than the cost of the body. I know one day I am going to get 2 of them but I will only buy them when it's really a need and if I am already earning something out of my passion. I don't want to invest more when there's no return of investment. For now, I am glad with what I have and very appreciative to hubby that he bought it for me.

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