January 10, 2011

Brain Storming

Yesterday I stayed home discussing some things with hubby. It’s a lucrative conversation and that would give us the edge for our future plans. We even talk about the possibility of going to move to our current location now and find another home to live in or just stay where we are and just push through our goal. It’s a very promising discussion. It created a light mood for us. I hope there’s a bright future for us and that we will get lucky.

When we chat about places to live, we find property in Santa Clara too high for the price. The area is just the center for everything that’s why it’s very expensive. For a number of times driving around the community since the beginning of 2006, we already know how the houses for sale and it’s corresponding prices are. The economy put so many home owners move out from their homes. Thus, the prices are not the way it used to be.

Apart from that, we witness how the prices went up and down. Today, the real estate market is slow and don’t know if the prices is at the bottom. I saw some listings about the homes for sale and I feel that the market is moving. I can see a lot of pending. I think it’s the indication that the real estate will get better and I am hoping that the bank will give us the loan again.

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