January 11, 2011

Appreciate what we have

I was chatting with a new friend in FB. We discussed about the cost of living expenses in San Jose and Santa Clara area. We felt the same as to how expensive it is to live here. But what can I say with that, prices are high due to the high rate of work force in the area. It is just way too high that in comparison living to another community an hour or 2 hours drive away from work is cheaper. For me and hubby, we just don't want to drive far from work. It will change our living condition and it will greatly affect us. What we have is okay but we want to make it better.

Apart from the talk in the real estate market, we touched about how the job market is. She said that there are too many competition and it's hard to get a good job with better pay. She's doing some schooling now to give her the edge when in times she will pursue to work again. This time she did and got some offers but it's too way below what she wanted to get. Good for her if that's how marketable she is, I hope one day I could get a better pay too and thus I could appreciate more of what I have. I am more happy that I have a stable job but what makes me happier is if I can get twice what I get now.

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