February 15, 2011

7th Vday Together

I had arranged a reservation an Italian place in mountain view just the day before. I have been searching every where to places that I have been and wanted to go back but the seats and time that I want had all been occupied. I can't find it. For the last time and with not much of a choice, I suddenly checked the restaurant that I had been last year during my birthday. Surprise that it was open. So I did make reservation at 8:15pm.

Hubby was glad that I continued to spread the romance by thinking to have something for valentines. I am glad too. We both need it and having the love and continuing to reminisce it is wonderful.


Hazelicious929 said...

Oh how sweet of you to do that dai. The romance are still there. We should not stop feeling the romance because for me, it will help the relationship to grow stronger and lovelier. Happy V-day!


Yes dai continuing the love alive! heheheh we are doing good so far! you and winn are the most sweetest of all eheheh