February 6, 2011

Exciting Game

I watched the Superbowl game for the very first time. For the most part of the game, I keep on asking my partner how the mechanics of the game is. Hubby was helping me to understand it. I already came on the 2nd game when I turned on my TV and glad I was able to make it.

It was a good game. I have not choose a team and I was just watching how the players are doing. It's my learning curve. :) Next year I will watch it again.

The half time show performance of Black Eyed Peas was great. Others didn't like it but for me I enjoyed it. I wasn't able to watch Christina Aguilera's national anthem song but able to view it from yahoo and she was terrible. Too bad she was previously one of my favorites but her renditions of her song wasn't really working for me. Her singing was not that strong to compare the early years of her career. I hope she will learn from her mistake. To just sing clean and belt it.

To end this post, I enjoyed my time watching the superbowl. No wonder people are crazy with this game.

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