March 20, 2011

Accomplished for today

I just got home and downloaded my pic for the day. I went to Seasons Market in Milpitas to process my dual citizenship. I arrived onsite 7:45am finished everything 12:50pm. The line was crazy and other citizens are carrying the same habit like what they used to do in the PI. It's ashamed to think about it. I witnessed and didn't complain since all I was thinking to really get this thing done and hoping for the best. I had my application proof read exactly 11:05am. My legs were hurting and thank God when I had the chair to sit down with the consul. Everything is intact no problem from MC, BC, NC, application form and photos. All copies were just one instead of having the remaining 5. It's good when you got so many copies just in case they need lots.

I was speculating that the induction of the oath taking will be done in the afternoon but instead the consul made a batch of the new re-acquired citizen. I was the 2nd batch and I was thanking that my day will not be spared all day just to stay there at the consulate.

It's a success to be able to process my application in Milpitas where it's near I live. 18 minutes ride to compare going to SFO which is more like a 45 mins ride. I thank for the Mayor in Milpitas for having that outreach for the Filipinos citizen. As for the consulate, hope they could manage their system better in the future so no angry Filipinos will be disappointed with their service.

As for me, my job is done and I accomplished what I would to do. I am happy and I am confident to fly soon.

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