March 15, 2011

Fashion Experts, Come Rescue Me!

Guest written by our friend Waldo Byers

I was chilling out at home the other night, flipping through the channels on my satellite TV from when I came across this awesome show called What Not To Wear. It's so hilarious, yet emotional at the same time. I want someone to come rescue my fashion wardrobe, too!

Basically, people submit their friends and family to the show for a style makeover, everything from clothes to hair to personality. The person, the "victim" as you will, is then ambushed by these two style gurus, Stacy and Clinton, who take them back to New York for a week of crash-course fashion. The participant is made to go through their entire old wardrobe of clothes, then the experts point out what they think will look good and offer up a few fashion pointers before sending their new client out on their own with a credit card to buy pieces based on their advice.

This is so cool! These people get professional hair and makeup advice on how they can manage their looks at home, as well as an awesome new wardrobe to take back with them. The coolest part is that all of their friends and family get together for a surprise reveal when the participant goes back home. I'm wondering now how I can get in on something that awesome!

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