April 3, 2011

Asap Mania

Asap is a tv show program in the Philippines. This is a musical variety show were local artists will play current top hit songs, also includes dancing and other fun games. While I am staying here in Cebu, the tv network hosted a show in SRP. The day it was held. My dad was asking us to go there and see the show. But that very time, I told him we were scheduled to the hospital to visit my brother Jerry. His excitement was a little blown away but because he wanted to see it we just passed by. We saw the people walking the streets in the vicinity of the area where the show was held. We witnessed the traffic and sizzling hot weather. In a way we satisfied my dad's little curiosity of the show.


Hazelicious929 said...

Ang saya! Summer na summer sa Pinas! Hay I miss Philippines, my mom and sisters and food!


masaya talaga dito pag walang problema haze. you know how relaxing home is. im sure your time will come and you will spend it with your loved ones in the philippines.