April 3, 2011


I have my new printer at home that I brought last year which is very different from the printer that I have previously. My last printer is from Brother and still working. I just bought a new one since the last time I used it to print, it was very urgent and my brother printer needs some cleaning. It was 2 years ago when I did print some materials. It was the time when we moved to a different location to live. Why I didn't use it now it's because the ink cartridges were stuck. It’s not a problem but just needs cleaning. When I was using it before, it really was a good printer. No problems with printing and faxing. There are other printers similar to it. The time I bought it was a good deal and I got to pay cheaper than it's normal price tag. It’s four in one. It will print, scan, fax, use as a phone unit and also has network connection. Right now, it still in the box but one day when I have plenty of time I will clean it and buy new ink again so I can use it. I won’t let it go since it’s in working condition.

Buying good quality printers like Brothers, you won’t regret it. The lifespan of the usage is long and the printing quality is really good. You will be happy if you purchase it because base on my experience it’s proven that it’s good. I am happy with it and I will keep it.

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