April 2, 2011

A son's Love

My visit here in Cebu was not the happiest visit of all. I attended my brother's request so he could see me and the first week made him happy. Now that I am here his condition still the same and I wished that he had not admitted to the hospital again but we have no choice because his fever never go away. We've found out that he has infections from his Pneumonia and still treating him with a very high dosage of antibacterial and costly medicine. It build up financial burden for the family especially me and my mom. I wish for him to get better and we tried and pulled our financial resources already and I wish God will help him to heal in no time. His been suffering so much and a person like him should not be granted big consequences like that.

In order for us to make him happy while we were inside the hospital, his son jokingly made funny faces and talking silly for him. It looked like he listened and haven't really seen him moving his lips to smile but just a stare to space. He had never looked to his son's eye. He doesn't have that mobility where he can move freely. It's so pity to see that kind of a scenario. I am holding my tears and trying to be strong and doesn't show my emotional side.

Here's the photos:


Hazelicious929 said...

I wish your brother well and good health, Chai. Prayers for him and for your family to comfort and console everyone for this ordeal. Hope everybody is fine.


haze thank you for the assuring me and for the comfort. prayers do help too. it will really help us.