April 30, 2011

My Cousin's Wedding

Even I am with a heart of worries while I was in the philippines, I managed to take a little time to relax a few hours of my time to participate in a simple wedding. The event put me to a place of excitement and fun. It was a good relief to at least forget the moment of despair and just be happy at that moment.

The thing it made a difference to me was I tried to shoot her wedding to the last minute while I was seating down next to the middle aisle where the point of service or procession is set. The music had started and I decided to quickly grab my camera with not knowing what my camera setting was and just shoot whatever I can. It was tough. I don't have a zoom lens and all I had was the 35mm and the 85mm. Now I can feel how the photographers work in a wedding if they are amateur it could be difficult to manage the light setting of the environment, changing of lens but if they have the proper equipment it could be no problem. As for me that day, I was like oh no my shot was not the best light setting at all. I was in a panic mood because I wanted to make it good but it failed me. But for experience purposes, it was good for me. I had it in a cousin wedding where the bride and groom knows me and I can just shoot whatever I want.

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