May 29, 2011

Bombay Garden - Lawrence

It's an Indian Cuisine located in the small shopping center near Lawrence Expressway adjacent to El Camino Real. I was bored with eating bland food with my hubby's ideas of food choices I went to Bombay Garden. It's close to home doesn't have to rush and we only have an hour to spend until the restaurant close.

Arrived past 9am. Greeted by an Indian man and got us a seat. We took no time and head straight to the buffet area. I wished I could take photos on their set up but I was cautious enough that the restaurant might not allow it. I don't want to get embarrassed. I got my food and this time I was trying to taste other menus. I know that the restaurant always serve hot and spicy food so I was reading the name food plate and checking on the ingredients. I got food where there was no spicy written on it. It was quick to chose a food and I sat across my hubby.

We savor our food and I like the experience this time. This probably my 3rd time in this restaurant and I think finally I was able to appreciate the food. It's not that bad. The only draw me and my taste bud is the food being hot and spicy. My experience last night was different. Though I know it was already hot in my mouth because of how good the food I was eating it with not much problem. I still keep on drinking water though. :) And, also my nose leak after. LOL! So much so the restaurant's ambiance and food was great.

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