May 30, 2011

Ideal Bar & Grill - Santa Cruz

On the boardwalk, this is the very first restaurant that you can see. It's the very corner. Right next to it is the paid parking booth on the pier. You will not miss this place. I had ate once and I remember that it was good. My experience with the other restaurants on the pier was not delicious. The food was always frozen and it was not fresh. So while we were in Santa Cruz and we were there a few hours for dinner I told hubby to dine there instead.

My choice was absolutely satisfied my partners taste bud. He ordered beef marsala which was very good. As for me, I had mixed seafood platter. You can't really find a distinctive taste of a batter fish, squid and shrimp. But I missed squid so I got that one. I was satisfied with mine. I got a huge servings too which I had some left over that I brought home. Hubby tried to finished his but he got full too so he took some home. Overall, we were satisfied with the food and the ambiance was great. We were eating looking at the pier and people walking in front of us. We seated inside the restaurant. We felt comfortably though outside it was getting chilly.

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