June 1, 2011

2010 Memorial Day

Every memorial day, people here in the US would recognize the loss of the dead ones who offer their services to the military. I, on the other hand salute how these people dedicate their lives to offer protection to our country and it’s people. It is a privilege that we have these men to support us in times of international threats.

Since it’s a holiday as well, families gather their time at home. Common thing to do and the highlight of the day is to cook delicious food either by broiling and grilling. I don’t have an invitation to attend to and I was not up to cook so hubby and I decided to look around. We found 2 choices and we went to Campbell. Along the way, hubby drove to a route different from what I punched to our GPS. While checking the route and where we were, on the street near El Camino I deliberately think about which way to go. I plot the route, check the road and I can’t help not to notice those home security Benton that most of the houses have in the area. I saw a couple who had some grilling moments at their front and backyard where I could see where the smoke of the grilling equipment is. I wish I could experience it someday.

We arrived in the restaurant. I ordered smoked ribs and hubby got his chicken and tri tip. The servings were big so we were not able to finish the food. We had our left over box with us when we left the restaurant and a smile on the face because it was good and we were happy about it. We brought home 2 sliced pies too. They said they have the best pie in Campbell and indeed when I tasted mine I agreed to what the critiques says. While I had my taste bud on the fly, watching movies over my DirecTv made my day.

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