May 6, 2011

Clinique Works

This is finally tested and true. When I visited my family in Cebu the first reaction to me was, what did you do with your face? I was amazed they asked me the question. Ever since I am always very insecure with all the bumps and scars. I was glad to hear them and asked what my regimen now. I told them that I have been using the redness solutions and acne lotion. They were happy to see that my face is clearing up. I am glad too.

This has been a constant struggle for me because of the high sensitivity to products and just happy to know that clinique can work and their products are great. I am running out of the first kit and I just did buy the acne lotion and I will going to buy another redness solution too. I would only change when I see that it already has improved a lot and so I can try a different regimen. I am glad I listened to my boss at work who told me to try it.

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