May 11, 2011

Light Meter

The good thing with doing part time is that the money I earned would just all going towards the things about photography and for personal training. I am lucky that I can do it online and I am hoping I have more this coming months. My earnings were so poor now and just wish that it could go back like what it was happening last year. But also I need to make sure that I am doing my part as well. I have to write good stuff and sensible topics. I hope I can make time for it.

As I check my other posts as to what things on my lists that I have not purchased yet, I come across Light meter from Sekonic. With my experience on a wedding last month during my cousin's big day, I had trouble with light and exposure. Besides that I was not prepared and didn't thought about trying a wedding, it literally got me to a bad photo shoot on my very first wedding pictorial. I didn't get the best picture I could imagine I would get that period of time. I downloaded my pictures with a sigh of devastation. The pictures were not great. There were a lot of overexposure, underexposure, contrast were off, focus was not sync, blurriness and colors were not vibrant. I was very upset when I reviewed my photos. Even with editing it through the tools in lightroom and photoshop I can just make a little justice on the photos taken.

So today just looking back on the incident I had with my first wedding photo shoot, I decided that with a light meter on hand could probably solved my worries in the future. At least with the instrument I could get a proper exposure and follow the settings on my camera if there will be an impromptu pictorials. I hope I could get a better and pro like exposure. I am excited to try it and right now I am waiting for it to arrive. I am crossing my fingers that I could finally get those desired photos I am dreaming about.

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