May 20, 2011

New Toy

Well I got my light meter on Monday but I have no chance of testing it. I got preoccupied of things in the house and doing my tutorial online. It's hard to joggle things that are important right now. I love my hobby but I always set it aside when other important things are more necessary for me to do. But with my tutorial online I did view some training on studio and natural lighting. I wanted to try the light meter so I can compare how accurate and fantastic the result of the photos. I can't wait to test it this weekend. I am crossing my fingers. But this time I want to wear make up and dress up. I hope I can do it.

I took a few shots using off flash on camera. I am still learning how to take photos without flash. This is not very crisp and clear. What you see on the reading was the same exposure I have on my camera while holding the light meter on my left hand and on my right was my camera. Interesting to see this kind of setting. I am happy I bought this toy! This could tell me two more toys to go! but have to save for a year for that one!

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