June 4, 2011


I have been obsessed lately about self portraits particularly head shots. Mind you, it's not that easy because head shot is pretty technical. You have to emphasize the eyes. I did most of my shot hand held. At times I could have shaky hands and retakes of shots are a great number. But as one of my friend had said, I am very patient with this thing. Yes, I do. Definitely I am hooked to this.

It helped me get to where I am now is by being resourceful and read several online photography ideas and websites daily. I never get bored. There are so many artistic ways you need to learn. With all my curiosity, I subscribed a few training online. Price are not that much as long as you know what website to go to. I will keep it a secret for now. I would let you find it yourself. It also depends on what level of expertise or interests do you have.

The photos below are shots that has been edited using the new knowledge I've learned from my training. It's a success to see a very big difference to my raw files using the acquired skills and technique. I am glad I come across with this new strategy. I hope you like the photos.

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