July 7, 2011

July 4th - Lahaina Maui

After a very good evening at Roy's for dinner, we head straight to Lahaina at the Front St to watched the fireworks. I watched the time closely. We left the restaurant 10 minutes after 7pm and head towards the harbor. Only to find out, the parking lot was full. We drove several lots from end to end and one last round we were able to park but the location was too far away from where the firework display.

Remaining time, 3 minutes and we were fast walking towards Front St which could probably take us like 5 blocks to get there. The fireworks already started. We went back to the car and get us some chair to seat and just watched it from a distance. I was a little bit unprepared for my pictorial shots since I was chasing time. I only have my wide angle camera and the show was too far away. I tried to get as much as I could hoping that with all those shots I could get some that's acceptable for the naked eye.

As I reviewed my shots at home, with the distance of the subject from where I was at. There's no way for me to get a very crisp photos. I was really hoping that this time I could get a really nice one. But, what can I do. Lahaina, such a little town could gather a big crowd like that and the show was awesome. It could have been nice if I saw it upfront much closer but what can I ask for.

At least what I cay say about it was, I appreciated the effort of my husband to drove me there. Also, we were there to witness one of the best fireworks in the US. It was indeed a great one.

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