July 3, 2011

Loving the Holiday

It's my 2nd day today here in Maui. This trip has been good for us. I was able to get a vacation leave from work and my boss was too lenient to give me the days I want. Well, I have been a very good employee and besides I still have PTO to use. Anyway, it's nice that I have my chance to take my vacation when I want to and when time permits.

What makes this trip interesting for me and hubby is that, we got to use our week of stay in the islands of Hawaii through our paid timeshare. It's either to loose it or use it. We prefer the latter. Booking the trip was last minute. I just booked the airfare last Sunday though the airfare was not the ideal price we want but pursued our plans. It's good that on the day we want we got the time and shortest duration.

The weather here is almost perfect. Trade winds is a little high in the afternoon but nothing can beat the good temperature of the islands. This is perfect for me.

We had a good swim in Makena Beach. Took a few shots of the place. It's a gem. I was glad that I had a couple that are good. I love the beauty of the ocean and the backdrop of the mountains. Sky's blue, some clouds gray and white and the peaceful water. The waves are not rough. Water was a little bit cold. We later got used to it. We didn't keep the watch in our hands so we depended on how long we can stay. It' s not too clear the time we were there. All I know we stayed swimming for 30 minutes or probably more.

Early part of the night, we tried to walked on the beach near our hotel. The trade winds and the chill were not too good. I asked hubby to get me a photo near a tree but it wasn't as good. I didn't complain about it since the temperature and the gust winds won't do me good with my shots. I had my hair all over my face and tried to control it but yet the winds were too strong. Maybe another time, when winds will be okay.

After a short walk and dinner, we did get some ice cream in Ono Gelato. Too pricey for a medium cup 2 flavors chocolate raspberry and mint stracciotella while Hubby got one raspberry. We got home finishing our cold ice cream and decided to deep in to the jacuzzi. Such a good night to end the day.

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