June 30, 2011

Last Saturday Date

It's good to come up with a quick thought to dine out and go to a very good restaurant. Hubby suggested Red Lobster in Milpitas. I right away said yes. With a big Yes of course. It's one of my favorite place.

We arrived at the place almost 9pm and we were greeted by the hosts. It's nice to get seated right away. We were starving to death and hubby requested the waiter if he could brought us the bread as fast as he can and so did he. It was a relief and we got to eat a sumptuous dinner.

i love the aura with this kind of light. warm and subtle.

Garlic bread

clam chowder - not as good but it's okay just add a pinch of salt it will be fine

this is very good. stuffed mushroom..

caesar salad

Ultimate feast entree