June 29, 2011

Excited to Shop

I am excited to do some kind of a shopping spree these coming days. I am excited because hubby will take care of paying. It’s so nice of him to offer. He said he has been lagging about it and treating me for something but I told him not to worry. I don’t complaint about it since I am working I can just buy what I want. But, I am a good spender. I only buy when I feel that there’s a need to.

Yesterday, I told hubby that I will go and buy myself some good shorts. My recent shorts that I happened to wore not even lasted for a quarter months I’ve grown with it. You can say that I really gained some pounds. Blame it to the halo-halo and the good food in the PI plus the ice cream, frapuccino and smoothies. What can I say bad food is just so good, right?

Anyway, I hope that my coming days to shop will be a good one and I can find good deals and good clothes. With the coming celebration on the 4th, discounts and sales are everywhere! I will grab my opportunity when it comes.

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