July 28, 2011

Latest Photos

This was the collage of the photo session I did last week. What makes me excited about having this self portraits is that, I always learned something new every time I did my session. The difference with this was I used a beauty dish together with the softbox. The lens used was 50mm also which I haven't really tried using much. I wanted to see how it will looked like. It was a challenge.

One thing I've discovered also, the monolight's sensor can trigger using my nikon's remote control. I've never realized that it could be possible. So the lighting this time was too low. But I've realized there was a mistake in my part using the ttl on my camera's built it in flash. I haven't tried putting it off. I will take that as a no no for the next pictorial. At least this mistake will take me something better photography and lighting next time.

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