July 27, 2011

To live in Hawaii

The 5th time I went to the islands of Hawaii was the first week of July. I saw how the places are, the people, housing and cost of living. The weather is wonderful all year round. You just don’t mind the storms and warning signal for tsunamis. It is very much a good place to live. The island is clean and also what makes the island great is their attractive beaches and super delicious food. The idea to live there is a dream.

Hubby and I are thinking how to live such a pretty relaxing place. How can we get to buy the house that we want? It’s quite a challenge to get into the idea of living there. We need to have a huge sum of savings to spend the every day needs. What careers out there if work is to consider. To acquire properties needs a lot of planning and diligence. How can we get all of that?

The tour and driving around the island gave us some ideas where and how much budget one can live comfortably in Hawaii. We used zillow.com to get the picture of how much the Hawaii properties for sale are. It’s very easy to use you just type in the zip code and it will directly tell you what’s available and their price range. Sad to say, we are not yet in the position to leave behind what we have here in California. The dream of living in Hawaii is still a dream. We do keep on trying to fulfill our dream someday. If living in Hawaii could not be possible, definitely it could be somewhere tropical.

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casute vacanta said...

I was there two years ago and i was impressed. Unfortunately i had no time to visit around it very well because i was there for only two days, but i hope to visit it again very soon. I recommend this place, it is very nice.