July 20, 2011

Using the Computer

There was a time a few years ago that I encountered some problems with my old pc. The memory capacity of my computer was poor. The process of starting and turning off the computer was slow. I was being practical and patient to use it. I survived the years of using a slow computer. I only made the change and get a new one when I already had the hard time fixing it.

Before I purchased the new computer, I had been hit with a Trojan virus so bad. I could no longer access the pc. It would shut down itself. The difficult situation pushed me to try harder to solve the issues. The anti virus installed in the pc did the job. If not with anti virus software, it could have been useless and worthless. It could have been long gone and dead.

Somehow, I was able to reformat my computer. I did install all necessary software and back to running the pc. The incident helped me to remember and cautious about what websites to visit. When I am in doubt, I check the website first through some reliable review site. If I can see fraud or bad reviews about it, I will not make a second guess or bother to visit or read the site.

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