August 23, 2011

Get Healthy

The experience I had with my brother taught me to watch my diet and what food supply I provide for my body. I was not good balancing my food intake for the past months. My weight was drastically up and I gained 2 sizes. It was pretty bad actually. I have to stop what I am doing and should concentrate loosing weight and eat properly. I will try hard to insist not eating sweats and lots of carbohydrates. I hope one day I could get back to where I was. I have to maintain a desire weight. I don’t want to see myself asking why I didn’t do anything about my body and health.

But, you will never know how things could be one day. Even if you are healthy, other times sickness will just appear out of nowhere. You will be surprised about it. So I would suggest by having the doctors mailing list and physician mailing list in handy. I had learned so much from my brother’s condition and having this kind of information from the doctor is helpful. It is also good if you have the doctor email list for another option to contact them. With all of this on hand, you could be at least prepared from the worst. I hope nothing could get worst and I am hoping for the best of my loved ones and myself.

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