August 29, 2011

If there's a need, Why not?

Physically I am okay with my body structure and size. Though I wish I could improve some parts of me, but I am already contented of what I have. Sometimes, I do think that if I could improve one, I would choose my upper part. I do know people who already gone under the knife. Most of the people I know they did the breast implants. It really looks good on them. They had it done with a highly good reputable surgeon. They made the right move. Of course I think you have to. You don’t want to get screwed with a bad new image.

One day if I get old and already have babies, if I see there’s a need to do the improvement I think it could be possible for me. I am scared thinking about it. Having all those scary stories from other people who were not successful with their surgery makes me not to think about getting myself fixed. Right now, all I have is still in the right size, shape and position. There’s no way for me to go into that direction. Choosing the right doctor, facility and reading good reviews from successful clients could benefit from having the breast implants, and so I would suggest go plunge only when you feel you are comfortable and have the sufficient funds to support it thereafter.

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