September 28, 2011

Curling My hair

Every time I attend a party or any occasion for that matter, I only wear my straight shiny hair. No fuss about curling. Sometime I have been dying to get that perfect wavy look. I want to get my hair a body and just be different every time. I saw my friends having this gorgeous look when they got their hair curled. I think the problem for me is that I don't spend time experimenting my hair. I just don't have patience about it.

It was sometime in June that I attempted to curl my hair for a pictorial. I spent like an hour and the hair was still not the way it should be. My pictorial was a messed with my hair and I was glad at least I got a few shots that I look decent and the hair wasn't obvious that it was a mess.

Saturday for a our anniversary date, I attempted to get it curled. I spent like an hour and I haven't finished my hair. Gush so much hair strands. I ran out of time and I didn't finish the whole thing so I just blend the straight with the curls. It was not I envisioned it would be. But yet, I already know how to make it work. I guess I will try again today and I will use a bigger barrel. I hope I can make it work for just an hour of work. I will cross my finger.

This is my look. It's not that clean but I am getting there. I used the bigger barrel for the back and in front use the medium size. I started at the back towards the front. I almost finished the front when I noticed the back went straight. So I worked on it some more and I guessed maybe the solution I am using was already expired. The style won't hold anymore. Til next try.

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