September 28, 2011

Rugs for Improvement

Yesterday, hubby and I received our wedding anniversary gift. It’s a wine rack. This is different from the common wine racks you can find in the store. It’s made of iron and also it’s a wall décor. We have not displayed it yet. Any day from today, that thing will be hanging in our kitchen wall.

My house is not full of decorative stuff. It’s simple clean and not too much clutter. There is still room of improvement. I need to get things to beautify the place. But one thing for sure, I need to get shaggy rugs. I will use it in the kitchen and bathroom. I have rugs that are too old and they need to be replaced. I like them because they are very colorful and decorative. This thing will make my house more better looking.

Shaggy rugs offer lots of design and pattern. The quality is very good. I like to get one for myself. I wonder if they have local store here in our place. It’s nice to pop in to the store and get it right away.

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