September 7, 2011

Ledson Winery

This is the 2nd time I went to this winery. My first time was a pass by in the year 2009. We were in Sonoma along the road of Hwy 121. We were crossing from vineyards to vineyards. This time around, with the thought of just staying in Sonoma we tried to visit some few winery in the area that we feel like stopping. We had stopped a few but this winery stood up. The castle was the main attraction to this place. Also, not the least to say the wines are very very good. I had never tasted red wines that can be good. I thought it's always that bitter and tasteless. But with the wine tasting I had with Ledson, my palate was wild with pleasure.

The extravagant gate.. along the path going towards the castle

The Magnificent Castle

Hubby and I bought one wine. It was expensive but it was just good. I can't stop not to think about it. But what I will never forget was their dessert wine. Man if it's not $50 bucks, I would buy lots. Maybe one day I will stock up with those when some of the wines we bought previously from other winery are gone. I guess I have to start drinking.

The view of the garden

Of course me, I have to get a picture of myself with the castle. It's my chance to test the wide angle I used for the shot. Not that bad.. though I tweak some sharpness to this and a little edit of the light and color temperature.

I have to my hubby a picture with the structure of the building. It was so artistic..

I tried using the wide angle to take this pic. It's not that bad though it was not great. But it can do it's magic if no one is around to get us a picture.

Lucky for us, a nice gentleman approached us and offered to take us a picture. It was so nice with that guy.

At the entrance, you can see right there and then this beautiful staircase. What can you say about that? Though I have the saying that the stair should not be facing straight towards the main entrance door, feng shui that is.

Another view with the staircase.

There are 3 rooms for wine tasting. This picture is the very first room.

After the tasting, we stopped by to get a bottle of wine. The "Sirah" is really really good.

Racks of wine.. if you see the cost of each bottle.. it will roll your eyes.. but definitely a good one!

The back garden. It was mid day so it was too bright. The filter of my lens helped block it.

Me and the merlot vines..

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