September 30, 2011

Make up Supplies

I am making my baby steps in using make up products. I don't normally buy those stuff when in fact I can live without having them. But yet, other times I want to feel beautiful and if I want to go out with hubby the date will be complete when I am more enhanced. LOL! Though I know that hubby won't mind me wearing no make up at all. It's what he prefers at most times.

With my sensitivity to products, I was referred by my boss at work to use bare escentuals. I was shocked for the price. Back then, I didn't know much and cost of the make up. So there was a moment of shock. Later on I realized the product works and it lasts for awhile. I don't have flare up after putting it on. I was overjoyed that finally there could be a brand that can satisfy my skin sensitivity. I also feel natural using them. I used it since then.

I only bought the foundation, mineral veil, some eye shadows that are free and blush. I don't stock them at home. I only buy when I need one. Then I started using drugstore products for the eyes since I don't get allergies on that side of the face. I bought maybelline, neutrogena, and l'oreal for eyeshadows, liners and pencils as well as lipstick. The only expensive item I have recently bought was the urban decay with it's primer. Such a nice kit. I believe this palette will be for awhile in my drawer. I also have a traveling kit eyeshadow from estee lauder given to me by a friend.

Aside from what I mentioned above, my daily routine is just using the 3 steps clinique redness solution that really helps my acne problem and scaring. If I have lots of flare up, I used neutrogena acne stress control.

There you have it just simple stuff. I think I should practice more and be observant with what's good because it will be in good use to me in the future when I indulge more with my photography.

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♥mommynthree♥ said...

i want to try clinique too :( mahala pud oi!