October 3, 2011

Hawaii MLS

Thanksgiving is coming up this November and I am hoping I could take some vacation and enjoy the holiday there. I can’t really tell as of the moment if it’s going to happen. I wish I could have book it the previous months where I see prices for airfare was low and I have a week to stay for free. I miss that opportunity but let’s see what I can find for the next coming days. If opportunity knocks again, I will not going to miss it.

I love to go to Maui. They have good real estate and the beach is just amazing to visit. With the islands I visited in Hawaii, for me the best place to stay is Maui. It’s pretty relaxing and not too congested like Oahu. The prices on real estate at Hawaii MLS are a little pricey compare to the other islands but I think the living style is a little laid back and comfortable. That’s the price you want to pay for a good comfortable living. If want to check how the real estate market in Maui, visit Hawaii MLS.

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