September 11, 2011

Phone calls

I check my phone bills lately and I am planning to switch. I have to cut cost some of the bills since there are features I don’t really use. I wasted some money not taking advantage of what I have. If I could just use that extra money to something else, it could be much better. I have two phone bills. The two are coming from a reputable company but I wonder if I will cut off some features and maybe use a different line for international calling I could probably get much better use of my phone lines. I don’t want to spend just for nothing. I should do the switch soon and hopefully I could get much used of it.

I really need the low cost international calling because I want to get in touch with my family back home as often as I want to. I do want to know my brothers whereabouts as possible. Though it’s quite frustrating to hear about it but I always feel comfortable when I know something about him. I want to be there for him even though it’s just a phone call. I love him dearly and I love my family. I miss them already. To make international calls is expensive so I really put some limitations on it. I wish it’s not as expensive but I put extra caution on that. My family understands how it is and I am glad there is another sort of communication to use as well.

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