September 25, 2011


I have 2 nephews in the Philippines that are in preschool. I have not seen them wearing their actual uniforms and see all those preschool supplies that their mothers prepared for them. I have remembered when I was in my early studies my mom provided me all of that. I miss that part to see them. All I have seen now are pictures from their mothers who are proud with their sons and shared it to me every occasion that I missed. I wished I could be there to see them grow as the year passes by. It might not be attainable today since I am at a distance. Maybe someday I could see the remaining part of their schooling years.

Here in the bay area, I could only see and hear stories from my friends about their sons and daughters. There were few that are in preschool studies and most of them were anxious at the start and scared but eventually they get situated. Though I have not really heard them about what preschool supplies they are purchasing but I am sure it’s part of their budget. I hope one day I could be in the same position as they are where I could also see and feel the excitement of going to school with my own child.

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