September 27, 2011

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Few days from now it will be October. People then get crazy looking outfits for Halloween. For me, I usually buy it online and I guess the size of the clothes. Oftentimes I got children sizes and so far with the last 2 sexy Halloween costumes it fit. I got some compliments on them. Well it’s not overly exaggerated costumes but in some way it’s unique. I wanted to be different and not too usual or common to the masses. I did some research too. I don’t buy just because I want a costume but because I want something different.

This year I wanted to get a new sexy Halloween costumes. I am not too sure if there will be some invitations from friends. I haven’t heard any yet. But if in case I need to then for sure I will get one. I just hope it’s not a short notice invite. If it’s going to be then maybe it’s not my time to attend. I know one thing. I always make sure that I could see some spooky thing and displays from my neighborhood. It’s my tradition just to drive around, see kids with their outfits and have fun talking to them.

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