September 18, 2011

Uss Hornet Museum - Alameda

I was at the ship yesterday checking out the whole thing. It was a huge ship. It was tiring but worth it. I spent more than 4 hours looking at the place and didn't even get the entire tour. If to compare to a building, to count it would measure 18 story. That's too huge. What's most important is that I was able to see the bridge, flight deck and engine room.

This ship was feature in Ghost adventure Challenge. I was glad I didn't see any ghosts. That's too eerie to imagine. But I felt an eerie feeling though when I went to the bathroom alone. I was hesitant to go but I have no choice because I need to. When I was about to enter a little spoke up checking who but I didn't say anything. At least she know someone is there with her too. Maybe she just felt the same way like I do. Brave little girl.

The ship recovered the capsule from Apollo 11. Though this capsule I took picture was not the original but this was the exact replica.

I was at the back of the ship when this picture was taken.

The whole experience was nice. I was glad that I spent my day and thankful that hubby had drove me there.

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