September 13, 2011

Working with Drivers

At my current job, I worked with truck drivers daily. I correspond to them with a helping hand when they asked me about certain things they can’t answer. I believe I am dealing with 15 drivers. Each of them has different personalities. The very start I joined with the company, it was difficult to adjust. I’ve learned to manage my own differences and get to work with them. It was not an easy process but I cope up with it. I thought I will never going to stand my job responsibility but it was just adjusting the people and stress. I somehow surpass all of that and it made me strong.

As the years gone by, I have watched our department getting bigger and added more employees. We posted drivers wanted in some ads and successfully got new people that are capable doing with their truck driving jobs. I deal to train them with some paperwork and what report they have to submit daily. Others took them awhile to get it, but eventually they get it after reminding them several times of what they need to report to me. What I learned from my work experience is that, I have to deal with respect each of the people that I am working with and don’t mind to ask something if it’s a need.

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