September 13, 2011

Accident Happens

What happen one Sunday afternoon was we got hit by an uninsured driver. Lucky for us we will not going to pay any damages of the accident but pity for that miserable guy. My car got some dents on the drivers side towards the back. It's a minor damage but the thought of the experience getting hit made our day uncomfortable. We were supposed to enjoy our day at Sonoma Valley. We were there to have fun and get ourselves to explore the different winery. It did spoil our relaxation mode. Hubby really did some effort to ease me but somehow I was not really into myself. I felt weird and I had that extra precaution mode.

The only thing that I was thankful for that incident, we were not injured and both parties were okay. Luck was still on our side. I hope it will never going to happen again. I will be more extra careful with driving.

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